Program Unggulan Departemen Keperawatan Dasar & Emergency

Based on the new organization structure, Faculty of Medicine will be changed to become Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing, and following this, Department of Basic and Emergency Nursing was established as a new department in early 2016. Even though this is a new department, however, this basic and emergency nursing was part of School Nursing which was established since 1998.


This department is consisting of 10 staffs which minimum qualifications are master degree. These ten staffs are dedicated in teaching, community services and research.  This department consists of two divisions. The first division is called Basic Nursing which concentrates on knowledge in basic nursing, nursing education and nursing management. Staffs in this division initiate to provide several seminar, workshops and training related to physical assessment system, nursing education, Standardized Nursing Language (SNL), diagnostic reasoning process, and clinical reasoning process.


We are working closely with our partner hospitals such as Academic Hospital UGM (RSA UGM), Sardjito Hospital, and RSUD Banyumas in doing continues improvement on patient care as well as students’ clinical practice, and joint researches. Together with our partners we are working on several issues such as patient safety issues, patient documentation and staffs development by providing some continues nursing education event (CNE) both for staffs in School of Nursing and our partner hospitals. 


The second division is Emergency and Critical Care Nursing which focuses on knowledge in adult critical care nursing, pre-hospital and intra-hospital care, as well as disaster nursing. The staffs in this department have been involved in disaster response team since 1998 and continue until current time. This team is working in establishing Hospital Disaster Plan together with several hospitals in Indonesia. This division is also developing palliative care standard care which can be a guideline to provide care for this population.


Besides working with professional health care providers and academicians, this division provides training on basic life support and disaster preparedness for ordinary persons and disaster preparedness training for health professional. This division actively involves in several related organizations such as Indonesian Critical Care Nurses Association, Indonesian Emergency and Disaster Nurses Association, Disaster Response Unit (DERU) UGM.


Staff in this division also conducted several researches both individually and joint research with colleagues from other countries such as Japan, Thailand, and Netherland. Several publications have been published in international conference and journal which will enrich the body of knowledge in nursing related to this field.

Important Milestone

Important milestone achieved by staffs from Department of Basic and Emergency Nursing were:


1 98 Basic Nursing Division and Emergency and Critical Care Nursing Division were Part of School of Nursing Gadjah Mada University

2 06 Won JICA granted on ‘Mobile Rehabilitation by Empowering Local Community To Support Recovery of People Affected by My 27th Earthquake in Bantul District

2 07 Granted by JICA on the Emergency Response Training for Health Cadres in Disaster Prone Areas in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2016 Department of Basic and Emergency Nursing is established