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-Aners. Suratun Almaidah-

Profesi adalah jenjang lanjutan yang harus ditempuh oleh seorang lulusan S1 keperawatan yang ingin menambahkan gelar Ners dibelakang namanya yang sudah ada gelar S.Kep. PSIK UGM sendiri setiap tahunnya mengadakan program pendidikan profesi untuk lulusan S1 Keperawatan Namun bukan hanya sekedar menambahkan gelar Ners dibelakang nama.Tetapi Ners menambahkan banyak hal dalam kehidupan seorang mahasiswa yang sedang menempuhnya.

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The trip to Taiwan for student exchange program had been an amazing experience. First stop was Tainan city which is 4 hours by bus from Taipei (the capital city of Taiwan) and 1 hour by High Speed Train. Even though we arrived in Tainan on Monday at 4 a.m. (We couldn’t catch the High Speed Train due to delay of my plane), I didn’t feel tired at all. I couldn’t wait to visit National Cheng Kung University.

First, We visited the Skill Center of NCKU at 9 p.m.. The Skill Center was very sophisticated. There were three kind of class in the skill Center. The first kind of class was if the student had a skills lab’s class, firstly they had to be briefed in the class about what would they learn that day. After that, they went to skills lab’s room which was connected with the room used for briefing. The skills lab’s room was very huge. It has a lot of mannequins, and also there were several comprehensive equipments next to the every mannequin such as computer, suction, etc. The second kind of class was a class used for examination/OSCE. It had one-sided mirror window like in the interrogation room at the police station so if the professor/examiner wanted to evaluate the student from outside of class, the professor/examiner could do that and it would help relaxing the student. Also, every class had cameras for judging the student objectively. The third kind of class was a class used for preparing the internship students before they entered hospital. This class had a life mannequin (I forget the name of mannequin) as if a real patient. The status of mannequin (such as breathing, blood pressure, pulse, etc) could be controlled by a computer located next to the class. This class also had cameras.

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Tracer Study Alumni UGM

Alumni  Ilmu KeperawatanUGM yang berbahagia,

UGM melaksanakan pelacakan alumni melalui sistem online tracer study. Untuk tahun ini, kami memulai Tracer Study dari alumni UGM yang lulus di tahun 2012. Bagi anda lulusan UGM di tahun 2012, silakan kunjungi laman Tracer Study untuk berpartisipasi di

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